Kawasaki KX80 1986-1988 Fork Rebuild Kit

Kawasaki KX80 1986-1988 Fork Rebuild Kit

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Kawasaki KX80 1986-1988 Fork rebuild kit:

# Description
44065 BUSHING-FRONT FORK, 44065-1065 (QTY: 2) 
44065A BUSHING-FRONT FORK, IN, 44065-1075 (QTY: 2) 
44022A DAMPER ROD OIL SEAL, 44022-1190A (QTY: 2)
92049 SEAL-OIL, FORK 92049-1252 (QTY: 2)
92093 SEAL, FORK 92093-1202 (QTY: 2)

These are reproduction parts, 100% guaranteed to perform as good or better than the originals. Bring your forks back to life! 

This is a kit - Everything you need to rebuild your forks. Refer to separate parts listings for product details.