One day I asked myself, "What bike would you like to restore? What bike would be at the top of your bucket list to fix up and have in the garage?". The answer? It was a 1986 Kawasaki KX80G. The bike I could only dream of owning when I was a kid. Although I had a used one back in the day, complete with clapped-out rear shock and barely usable front brake, I would still go to the dealership and drool over the new ones parked up on the show room floor. It amazes me even today at how poorly some of these bikes were treated and cared for back in the day. Bikes less than a few years old looked like they were ready for the scrap heap. Today I think, people look after their bikes a lot better and so used bikes up to 10 years old are often in quite good repair.

Now that I'm much older (I don't like to emphasise the much part), I can afford a new shiny KX80 but obviously, you can't buy them anymore. I looked into buying a used bike and restoring it and discovered like many of you, that parts for these bikes are almost impossible to find. Not impossible if you are prepared to wait years and spend big $$$ when that unobtainium all of a sudden appears out of hiding... So I decided to start a project. A different kind of project - different from the usual process of buying a used bike, buying some new plastics, rebuilding the engine etc - I'm building one. From scratch! That's right, I'm making the bike piece by piece. I guess being an engineer makes it a bit easier but I've always had a DIY/industrious streak and this is project that is a labour of love.

Making the parts was the first step but making more than a few sets of everything and selling them on the internet was another. It was not conceived as a money-making enterprise in the beginning. Commercialising my hobby became a way to help pay for itself. Hopefully one day it will. At the time of writing this, we have had hundreds of orders placed and shipped our products to every continent except Asia - it seems Asians don't like bikes! ;)

I hope that you enjoy the site. Have a browse and if you would like to ask any questions, please get in touch! I would love to hear about your build! I have had the recent pleasure in seeing a customer's KX60 (air-cooled) come to life with one of my engine cases and another customer in America who won a local race using our suspension parts - and some good advice!

We now have containers full of OEM parts - too many to keep up with listing here, especially the original Kawasaki parts I've been collecting for many years. If you are searching for a part and you can't find it here, give me a call. I probably have it or know where to get it.

Check back in regularly as we have many parts in production for the 1986-1987 KX80 and a product development map that extends backward to include the 1983-1985 KX80's and also the KX60. I love them all!