Product Spotlight - Kawasaki 1986-1987 KX80 Airbox

The 1986 and 1987 versions of the Kawasaki KX80 are virtually identical except for in five areas: (1) The frames have a different lower chain rollers, (2) The rear suspension has different geometry and was beefed up for 1987 (3), a vented front brake disc was introduced in 1987, (4) the rear brake torque arm was slotted in 1987 and (5) the airbox was altered in 1987 to accommodate a larger air intake duct.

The 1986-1987 KX80 airbox was rotational moulded. The mould comprises 3 parts. We were able to make both variations of the airbox by only making 4 mould pieces - Two different moulds where made for where the air intake boot connects to the airbox. The other 2 mould pieces were used on both airboxes.

1986 Air Intake

1987 Air Intake 

This was the first and probably the most complex part we have made here at OEM. Why? Rotational moulding is complex and difficult. This process is used predominantly to achieve a consistent thin wall around the entire airbox. Unlike blow moulding where the material is thicker near the injection point, rotational moulding offers the advantage of being able to more effectively spread the injected plastic around the mould via rotational dynamics (i.e. centrifugal force).

To ensure that the quality of our products meet the original specifications, 8 prototypes were made. Initial samples were thick-walled and heavy. Each prototype was lighter than the last. The eighth sample was so thin it was transparent. The production engineers didn't think it was possible but we persevered. The final product achieved a +/-5% final weight when compared with the original Kawasaki donor sample.

You can order your new airbox from us here:

OEM Kawasaki KX80 1986 Airbox P/N 11011-1204 – OEM Motorcycle

OEM Kawasaki KX80 1987 Airbox P/N 11011-1238 – OEM Motorcycle

And cover here:

OEM Kawasaki KX80 1986-1987 Airbox Cover P/N 14024-1108 – OEM Motorcycle