Kawasaki KX80 1986-1987 Carburettor

For 1986 and 1987, Kawasaki adopted a Mikuni VM29SS Round Slide carburettor. This wasn't unusual in that most 80cc motocross machines came standard with a round slide carburettor, some even with a VM29. Other used a 28mm model or other brands such as Kehin. The VM29 was even used on some road bikes in banks of four.

What makes this one special is the choke system. Whilst other bikes including the YZ80 were using 'pop-up' type chokes, Kawasaki adopted a lever system that made its carburettor unique. This means that Kawasaki commissioned Mikuni to alter the carburettor body to accept the lever (it can't be applied to just any Mikuni VM29 body). Kawasaki and Mikuni devised a clever ball and spring system to not only allow the choke lever to 'click' into fully open or closed positions, but the choke could be partly opened - unlike the 'pop-up' type which only offered fully open or fully closed options. It seems Kawasaki had learned the benefits of a variable choke system from its road bikes which used a variable choke system controlled by a cable. 

Unfortunately, some parts for this carburettor are no longer available. That's where we come in - OEM offer full choke and choke lever assemblies to restore operation of your 30 yo carb as well as add that little bit of bling.

OEM Kawasaki KX80 1986-1987 Carburettor Choke Lever Assy (5 Piece Set) – OEM Motorcycle

OEM Kawasaki KX80 1986-1987 Carburettor Choke Assy (7 Piece Set) – OEM Motorcycle

If you are lucky enough to have one of these unicorns, perhaps you should give it a birthday! 

OEM will soon offer a full carb rebuild kit that will also include gaskets, new float bowl screws, vent and overflow hoses and guides, needle and seat, cable and throttle stops. Keep a look out!